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Top Producers

The Register of Merit "Top Ten"
Celebrating the Top Producers in NCA History

The fall issue of Newf Tide in 1991 was dedicated "to those wonderful Newfoundlands, past and present, that have contributed so much to the breed through their progeny." This update was published in the 2Q 2003 Newf Tide.

At that time, the NCA's top sires and dams were the following:

Ch. Pouch Cove Gref of Newton-Ark, ROM
Edenglen's Tucker, ROM
Ch. Pooh Bear's Stormalong, ROM
Ch. Kuhaia's Rego, ROM
Ch. Amity's Bearfoot of Pouch Cove, ROM

Ch. Shipshape's Sibyl, UDT, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Candy's Duchess, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Compass Rose, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Nancy of Glenora, ROM
Ch. Ad Lib of Pouch Cove, ROM

As of December 31, 2002, the NCA's top five sires and dams were:

Ch. Pouch Cove's Favorite Son, ROM
Ch. John's Big Ben of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove Gref of Newron-Ark, ROM
Ch. Jubilee You're The Top, ROM
Ch. The Bombardier, ROM

Ch. Shipshape's Sibyl, UDT, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Candy's Duchess, ROM
Ch. Abbyacres Kati, ROM
Ch. Tyche's Echo, CD, DD, ROM
Ch. Motion Carried of Pouch Cove, ROM

More than a decade has passed, and many of the names have changed on the list of our top producers. But not all-
Ch. Shipshape's Sibyl, UDT, ROM, continues as the NCA's all-time top producing bitch with 20 points, including 14 champions, two ROMs and 10 working/ obedience titlists.
Ch. Dryad's Candy's Duchess, ROM, is also still among the top five bitches, even though nearly 40 years have passed since her birth.
Of our top five sires, only one remains on the list from 1991: Ch. Pouch Cove Gref of Newron-Ark, ROM. Today's top producing sire in the breed's history is Ch. Pouch Cove's Favorite Son, ROM. "Jake" was already making his place in Newf history back in 1991, when he won Best of Breed at that year's National Specialty. He was the NCA's Top Sire an impressive three times (I 993, 1994 and 1996). Jake now has 101 ROM points to his credit, and produced 79 champions. Next closest is Ch. John's Big Ben of Pouch Cove, ROM, with 74 ROM points and 51 champions produced.
The placements are a bit closer among our top dams. Both Ch. Abbyacres Kati, ROM and Ch. Tyche's Echo, CD, DO, ROM, have passed Sibyl in total number of champions produced (although Sibyl still has more total ROM points). Time will tell whether or not they will produce more ROMS and working champions and eventually pass Sibyl.

Top Producing Sires- Historical Perspective

Top Producing Dams- Historical Perspective


What is a ROM?
A ROM is a dog or bitch that has been admitted to the New foundland Club of America's Register of Merit for producing multiple Champion, tided and ROM progeny. A sire requires 12 points to eat this award, and six points are needed for a dam. ROM points are rabu lated on a base of champion or ROM produce. A dog must have minimum of 10 champions and/or ROMs, plus two additional titles These additional tides can be further ROMs or champions, or an)' suffix tide. A bitch must have a base of five ROMs or champions, plus one additional tide.
Offspring can contribute up to three points towards their parents ROM status-by obtaining an AKC championship, an NCA ROM, and an AKC or NCA obedience, tracking, draft or water tide. However, the ROM formula allows only one working, obedience, or tracking tide to be counted for every five champions or ROMs, and after you get that total, add one. For example, Jake has produced 79 champions, five ROMs, and 17 titlists. If you add the 79 champions and five ROMs, you have 84. Divide this number by five (and come up with 16). After you get that total, add one. So Jake has 101 ROM points.
There is no minimum requirement for working titlists. ROM status may be achieved exclusively from ROM and champion titled offsprIng.
ROM points that are earned by a dog or a bitch are cumulative, so that the time frame in which the points are earned and the order in which they were earned is immaterial. ROM points earned will continue to accumulate and will be added to the official ROM point totals within the constraints of the 5:1 limitations.
New ROMs are honored in NewfTide's second quarter edition each year, and a complete ROM listing is published every five years, with the latest one current through December 31,2001, and published in April 2002.
The NCA Register of Merit system was initially approved April 3, 1986. The criteria was enacted so that dogs would become ROMs retroactively to the beginning of Newfoundland record-keeping, and a total of 100 ROMs were awarded at that time. The rules have been changed slightly through the years.
Today, a total of 301 Newfoundlands are recognized as ROM producers-111 dogs and 190 bitches.-Jan Boggio and Dawn Fretts

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Drawing by Harrison Weir (1824-1906)  The anecdote I am now about to give is from the pen of the Rev. J.E. Atkinson, a good and scientific naturalist:  "Walking with a favorite Newfoundland dog of great size, one frosty day, I observed the animal's repeated disappointment on putting his head down, with the intention to drink, at sundry ice-covered pools. After one of these disappointments, I broke the ice with my foot, for my thirsty companion's behoof. The next time it seemed good to the dog to try and drink, instead of waiting for me to break the ice as before, he set his own huge paw forcibly on the ice, and, with a little effort, obtained water for himself."  From: Rev. R.O. Morris, B.A. Dogs and Their Doings. N.Y., Harper & Bros, 1872, p. 16f.  (reprinted from NewfTide 1976)




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