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Good Sportsmanship Award Winners gaines

The Gaines Medal for Good Sportsmanship is an award specifically designated to honor those members whose contributions are vital to the success of any dog club.
The Gaines Medal, made of bronze and three inches in diameter, is made available by the Gaines Dog Research Center to dog groups wishing to honor a club member who competes fairly and works for the advancement of the sport and the club without regard to personal honors. Only one medal per year is available to a club, so to be honored by a club as large as the NCA is indeed an honor.
Each year the membership is solicited to recommend individuals for consideration. The Board makes the final decision based on input from the membership.
Gaines has a rule that states that a club can give the Award to a person only once. Each year we receive nominations for people who have already received the Award and therefore are not eligible to receive it again from the NCA.
The Gaines sponsorship of this award was discontinued in 1998 and it was renamed the NCA Good Sportsmanship Award.

1975 David Lesco

1979 Joan Foster

1998 Sam & Sharon Butler

1980 Kitty Drury

1999 Jack Dean

1981 Mercedes McBride


1982 Nell Ayers


1983 Marcia Morrill

2002 Mary Dewey

1984 Mary W. Price

2003 Dwight Summers

1985 Jane & Ron Thibault

2004 Kathy Mitchell

1986 Larry Lerner

2005 Bernie & Annette Latronico

1987 Isabel Kurth

2006 Roger & Consie Powell

1988 Flip Bowser

2007 Lori Littleford & John Pearson

1989 Mike & Sandee Lovett


1990 Peggy Saeger

2009 Cheryl Dondino

1991 JoAnn Riley  
1992 Louise Esiason  
1993 John R. Adams  
1994 Claire Carr  
1995 Jean & Bob Quandt  
1996 Marilyn Whelpley  
1997 - Nancy Nevin  





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