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Reverend Robert L. Curry

The Newfoundland world lost a staunch and loyal friend in the sudden death of Bob Curry on February 13th. Bob had served Newfoundlands and the Newfoundland Club of America for many years, as breeder, exhibitor, Board member, Corresponding Secretary and finally as President. He was the host' of our first independent Newfoundland Specialty in 1967 when he opened Lenox School of which he was Headmaster for this great event.
It was my privilege to work closely with Bob when he became NCA President and I took over his former job as Corresponding Secretary. We kept up a lively correspondence over the years and I looked forward to his weekly letters which always revealed the sincerity and charm of this great man. He loved the Newfoundland dog as one of God's greatest creations and felt that a little more of the Divine spark was inherent in this wonderful breed of dog, often expressing the thought that those who owned and loved Newfs should be better people because of their association
with them. .
A Memorial Service was held in Springfield on the 17th at Christ Church Cathedral in which Bob served as Honorary Canon Emeritus and I was able to be present to represent NCA and talk with Betty and their son, David, and daughter, Susan. It was a beautiful service and a fitting tribute to one whom we all admired deeply and whose devotion to Newfs will never be forgotten.
- Isabel S. Kurth

robert curry

It is difficult for me to summarize Bob Curry in a few sentences, so I won't. You'll just have to "bear" with me.
When I first met him, Bob was my fiancé's Boss. After Ed and I were married, Bob and Betty, became dear friends and God parents to one of our children. They were responsible for re-introducing me and thusly Ed, to the Newfoundland Dog. (I had "met" a Newf when I was in the 9th grade and Ed didn't like meeting dogs at all). Finally Bob was a colleague on the N.C.A. Board when we both served simultaneously:
He as Corresponding Secretary and President, and myself as Corresponding Secretary.
Bob Curry first owned a Newf pup in the early '40's. When Bob was called to serve as Army Chaplain in World War II, he had to say "good-by" to his Newfy friend. Though he tried to find another Newf after the war, it was many year before his path crossed that of a Newf breeder. His joy having "the" dog was certainly expressed in the ensuing years through his dedication and work in the N.C.A.
Nineteen years ago last Fall, a Newf pup was given my by Bob and Betty Curry, and we had "the pleasure of her company" for several years. By the time we had said "goodbye", the Currys and Gleasons were so involved "in Newfs" that it would be impossible to tally the hours spent: admiring and loving our dogs; talking about the NCA and how to promote the breed; going to shows; trophies; admiring and loving our dogs and pups; obedience classes; meeting Newf people from other countries, and thus widening our dog world-horizons; admiring our new dogs and more pups; going to NCA meetings; meeting other Newf people from other parts of the country; admiring and loving, and becoming even more devoted to "the" breed which in turn, brought us humans closer together-and more devoted. Ad infinitum, until last February.
When Bob died our bitch was nearly "in full bloom." At the time our back yard and dog run were filled, literally, with 8 feet of snow, so we took her to Maine with us; where we attended both the Funeral and Committal Services. It was a sad occasion for us, but the Newf had a wonderful time, ultimately - in mid-afternoon, in mid-winter, she went swimming in the icy Maine waters, and Bob's non-Newfy friends began to understand his devotion to the breed.
Well, it was time for us to say "good-bye" - to friend, counselor, "Uncle". Had circumstances been otherwise (but none of us are ready for that last "See you"), the Newf would' not have made the trip with us, but somehow her presence was fitting and in a sense representative of all the Newfs our two families loved and shared over the past two decades. We like to think that Bob's Spirit reached down, and patted the head "one more time".
-Mrs. E. A. Gleason

When Bob and Betty Curry came to Shattuck School in Faribault, Minnesota, in 1970, those of us who live in this part of the world felt that the spirit of the Newfoundland Club of America had come to the midwest. Our initial feelings of admiration and regard soon became warm friendship. The Currys always found time in very busy schedules to welcome fellow Newfers for an informal visit at the school- or to join enthusiastically in our haphazard trips around the local show circuit. Their three excellent Newfound lands, Edenglen's Good Deed, Edenglen's Sweet Georgia Brown and Dryad's Strong Farm Shad (for Shattuck) are still remembered there as the best kind of goodwill ambassadors. (We were thrilled to see Georgia become the second brown champion Newf in the U.S.) Bob Curry left a permanent legacy in Faribault, for he was the architect of the plan to combine the three Episcopal boarding schools there into the new group facility known as Bishop Whipple Schools. When the Currys left Minnesota to take on new duties, our disappointment was compensated only by the fact that Bob was an excellent correspondent and we have his many personal notes of inspiration and encouragement to remember him by. Bob Curry's death is deeply felt here. We will miss him and remember him always.
- Anne Williams





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