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Membership Information

The Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) is recognized by the American Kennel Club as the “Parent Club” for the Newfoundland breed.  A “parent club” is responsible for the preservation, protection and welfare of that particular breed.  It is also responsible for the Breed Standard (a written description of the ideal Newfoundland), the education of breed owners on the nuances of the breed and overseeing the breed’s health and welfare.

These are very serious responsibilities and the NCA takes them very seriously.  Thus the application process is thorough and lengthy.  Membership application packets are only available from the NCA Membership Chair or the NCA website (as of the NCA Board’s 1/4/07 meeting). 


NCA Membership Process

Apply online through the Membership Portal.

The applicant is responsible for obtaining two sponsors’ signatures and providing them with the sponsors’ form to complete and send to the Membership Chair.  It is highly recommended that the applicant ensure that the two sponsors have been NCA members for three or more years, are not from the same household and have known the applicant for at least a year.  It is suggested that the breeders of the applicant’s dogs, local Newfoundland owners and local regional Newfoundland clubs be utilized to make the necessary contacts.  Contacts can also be made at local dog shows and possibly at all-breed kennel clubs.

Current fees and dues are as follows:

Application fee (non-refundable)           $45.00

Membership Type (per year)
Single                                                 $75.00
Double                                               $80.00
Junior (less than 18 years)                  $10.00
Junior + Newf Tide Subscription           $30.00

International Postage (per year):
Canada & Mexico                                         $36.00

All Other                                                     $69.00

Once the completed application form has been submitted with the appropriate application fee and dues for the year and the completed sponsors’ forms have been received by the Membership Chair, there will be an acknowledgement sent to the applicant along with a complimentary issue of Newf Tide.  The application and sponsors’ forms will be forwarded to the NCA Board for their preliminary approval.  Following the preliminary approval, the applicant’s name and sponsors will be published in the next issue of Newf Tide.  Following a 30-day comment period, during which NCA members may make comments on the applicants listed, the applicant will be approved barring any negative comments received.  The applicant will then receive a welcome packet containing a welcome letter, a complimentary issue of Newf Tide, a club decal, the club roster and will be listed as member of the NCA.  Applicants are advised that due to the NCA Board’s meeting schedule and the Newf Tide deadlines, the process may take as long as six months.

If you are interested in the NCA, but not quite ready to become a member, you can order a year’s subscription to Newf Tide for $60.00 (plus appropriate international postage).  More information on Newf Tide Subscriptions

The NCA highly encourages all persons interested in Newfoundlands to join their local regional Newfoundland club.  There are 26 recognized regional clubs across the United States.  Regional clubs host water/draft tests, regional specialty shows, educational events such as grooming clinics, water/draft seminars, veterinarian talks, and picnics, hikes and various other fun activities where Newfoundland fanciers can gather together and share their appreciation of this breed.  Regional clubs are a wonderful resource for novice Newfoundland owners as there is usually many, many years of Newfoundland experience in each club just waiting to be tapped. Find a Regional Club Near You.


Please contact the Membership Chair with questions or concerns.




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One of the magistrates in Harbour Grace, in Newfoundland, had an old dog of the regular web-footed species peculiar to that island, who was in the habit of carrying a lantern before his master at night, as steadily as the most attentive servant could do, stopping short when his master made a stop, and proceeding when he saw him disposed to follow. If his master was absent from home, on the lantern being fixed to his mouth, and the command given, "Go fetch thy master," he would immediately set off and proceed directly to the town, which lay at the distance of more than a mile from the place of his master's residence: he would then stop at the door of every house which he knew his master was in the habit of frequenting, and laying down his lantern, growl and strike the door, making all the noise in his power until it was opened; if his master was not there, he would proceed farther in the same manner, until he had found him. If he had accompanied him only once into a house, this was sufficient to induce him to take that house in his round. 

Quoted from A hundred Anecdotes of Animals, with pictures, by Percy J. Billinghurst. Published by John Lane 1901. 


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