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OFA Discount Programs for NCA Members

OFA Discount Program Details

To encourage recording results of health tests in the OFA open database, NCA members are eligible to receive a discount for thyroid, patella, cardiac, and cystinuria results sent to OFA. (Abnormal results are always recorded in the open database by OFA for no charge.) The usual fee for recording any of these results is $15 per test. However, NCA members will pay $7.50 for one test and $7.50 total if two or more tests (cardiac, patellas and cystinuria) are submitted together for a dog that already has a number with OFA for hips or elbows. OFA hip, elbow, or shoulder evaluations are not eligible for the member discount. Thyroid results cannot be combined with other evaluations because they are sent directly to the OFA from the testing laboratory; the NCA member-fee, however, is $7.50.

To participate, members need a form verifying NCA membership. These forms are available from Pam Rubio and must be sent to OFA with the evaluations to be recorded and a check for the reduced fees. For thyroid results, the membership verification form and a check for $7.50 must be sent in with the blood as results are sent directly to OFA.

This program is slightly different from the OFA litter or kennel rates. The NCA member program is for tests submitted on one dog. OFA litter rates apply to tests submitted at the same time on at least three dogs from the same litter. Kennel rates apply to tests submitted at one time on at least five different dogs owned or co-owned by the same person. The NCA member discount is equivalent to or better than the kennel rate, and members do not need a litter or several dogs to take advantage of it. Check the OFA database ( for specific litter and kennel rates.

It is just that simple to record health test results in the OFA open database for a reduced fee! This program is one of the benefits of NCA membership!


The NCA Charitable Trust announces a rebate program to subsidize the submission of DNA to the DNA Repository.

The rebate of $20 per dog, which is the current cost, is for blood samples only; cheek swab submissions are not eligible. In addition, the program is limited to purebred Newfoundlands, registered with the AKC or any official registry recognized by the AKC, and to the first 500 rebate requests.

To apply for a rebate, duplicate the certificate sent by CHIC that verifies receipt of the blood sample. Send this copy, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, to Kathy Paxton, 3101 Benjamin Drive, Taneytown, MD 21787-2755. Rebate checks will be issued to the owners listed on the certificates.

This program was proposed by the Health and Longevity Committee and is being funded by the Newfoundland Health Challenge.

DNA Submission to the CHIC Database

Instructions to submit DNA Samples

To update Health History on submitted dogs, email:







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