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Photo Credits

The NCA is grateful to the many talented photographers who have shared their skills with us in order to present the many images of our breed that you see on the pages of this site. Please respect their talents and our copyright by not removing images from this site.


Anne Beck , Liz Bixby, Anne Beck, Anne Beck, Anne Beck

Anne Beck , Anne Beck, Linda Rand, Anne Beck, Anne Beck

Rita Wheeler , Karen Dunaway, Sabrina Conci, Mary Lou Roberts, Patricia Mahoney

Pam Saunders, Lois Apfel, Susan Kerby, Steve Urback, Ken Briggs

x, Frank Gross, Lynn Tengbom, Marylou Zimmerman, Sabrina Conci

Naomi Young Meyer, Marylou Zimmerman, Cheryl Dondino, Steve Urback, Suzi Bidwell

Cheryl Hogue, Marylou Zimmerman, Sandra Nicholson, Sandra Nicholson, Steve Urback

Sandra Nicholson, Sabrina Conci, Marylou Zimmerman, Sandra Nicholson, Cheryl Hogue

Sabrina Conci, Karen Steinrock, Judi Randall, Sabrina Conci, Sabrina Conci

Geri Repass , Karen Dunaway, Falvia Ranzato, Ray Grant, Mary Jane Spackman

Cheryl Hogue, Jeff Schurdell, Sandra Nicholson, Sabrina Conci, Sandra Nicholson

Shirley Boldt , x, Jan Curtis, Cheryl Hogue, Lanelle Warrick

Rebecca Stanevich, Rebecca Stanevich, Lin Holt, Rebecca Stanevich, Barbara Jeness

x, x, Steve Ross, Bill Betchley, Cheryl Hogue

Sabrina Conci, Sabrina Conci, Jean Coté, Liz Bixby, Cissy Sullivan

Suzi Bidwell, Pat Dowell, Maggie Sampson, Pat Dowell, Suzi Bidwell

Sandra Nicholson, Suzi Bidwell, Pam Saunders, Steve Urback, Suzi Bidwell

Mary Jane Spackman , Susan Kerby, Cissy Sullivan, Dream Killian, Marie Acosta

Sandra Nicholson, Rebecca Stanevich, Marylou Zimmerman, Marylou Zimmerman, Chip Burnette




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