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Topography of the Newfoundland


A1-A2 Height
B1-B2 Length
B3-B2 Length, withers to croup
C1-C2 Slope of Pelvis
D1 thru D3 Rear Angulation
D1-D2 Line of Femur
D2-D3 Line of Tibia
D4-D5 Line of Metatarsus
E1 thru E3 Front Angulation
E1-E2 Line of Scapula
E2-E3 Line of Humerus
E3-E4 Line of Radius and Ulna
F1-F2 Topline
G1-G2 Distance from withers to elbow and withers to brisket (50%)
G2-G3Distance from elbows to ground and brisket to ground (50%)




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