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Regional Specialties


To find dates for NCA Regional Specialty Shows Please visit the events calendar.

Planning a Supported Entry or Specialty?

Recognized regional clubs may support an entry at an all breed show under the um brella of the Newfoundland Club of America. The official listing would identify the supporting club as "The Newfoundland Club of America." AKC rules, however, prohibit listing the regional club officers or "other details of the hosting club" in the premium or catalog. Regional clubs can be listed as trophy donors. The NCA Specialty Committee does not need to approve supported entries and there is no paper work involved, unless sweepstakes are offered. If sweepstakes are offered, application to the AKC must be made through the NCA Specialty Committee.

Clubs planning a regional specialty need to remember the AKC application deadlines:

• six months prior to a show held in conjunction with an all-breed show
• seven months prior to an independent specialty show

In order fo rthe NCA to process an application, it must be in the hands of the NCA Specialty Coordinator two to three weeks prior to the AKC deadline.

Clubs also need to understand that the NCA has a policy regarding show conflicts. When deciding on a date, clear the date with the Specialty Coordinator to avoid conflicts and to avoid delays in processing the application.

For more information, contact the NCA Specilaty Coordinator.

Regional Specialty Show Guide - now online!




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