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Regional Specialy Show Guide - part 2


This is the easiest regional to put on and every regional club is encouraged to try this first before progressing to an independent regional or a national. The all-breed club will hire the superintendent and do much of the work for you. Your club should have an agreement in writing with the all-breed club regarding income (entry rebates, retained sweepstakes monies) and expenses (shared tenting, chairs and tables rented through the all-breed club, sweepstakes judge expenses, rosette orders, etc.). Your committee may have to arrange for stewards and grounds personnel. The regional club must submit a Regional Specialty Application form with fees to the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator. 

The regional specialty Chair should be the liaison between the regional specialty committee and the all-breed event committee, and show Chair. The regional specialty Chair must be aware of the deadlines for the all-breed show and has the responsibility to submit the regional information to the show Chair prior to their established deadlines. Deadlines include, but are not limited to: panel selection and submission (can be as early as one year prior to show date), premium list copy, catalog advertising, and rosette orders. 
Regional specialty Chairs and event committee members should be familiar with the NCA Specialty Show Guide especially the entire Regional Specialties section. The NCA Specialty Show Guide must be on hand at independent regional specialties for reference. The Regional Specialty Section must be on hand at all regionals. 


Since you will be insuring the all-breed club of a greatly increased Newfoundland entry, your club should be given your choice of judges. Try to select a judge from the current NCA Approved Judges List. Contact the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator for information on judging assignments at other regionals to avoid duplication. If holding sweepstakes, forward a copy of the judge's assignment acceptance to the show Chair, so that your judge will be included in judges' dinners, lunches, etc. Let your judges know that a post show article will be published and that their comments would be appreciated. Advise the all-breed club that they will be receiving a large entry of Newfound lands in obedience . 


The regional specialty Chair and regional committee determine the non-regular classes to be offered at the regional and the classes and entry fees for Sweepstakes and Veteran Sweepstakes. (Refer to the Sweepstakes section of this Guide.) In addition to Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Brace and Team, Working Dog and Versatile Newfoundland classes may be offered at regionals. Veteran classes may be divided by age. The requirements for eligibility for the classes must be stated in the premium list. Working Dog and VN classes must be listed with NCA-approved eligibility requirements. 


The regional specialty Chair must compile and submit material for the premium list. Premium list copy for a regional held with an all-breed show must include this statement: "The Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. will consider the Newfoundland classes at this show as its specialty show." A list of NCA Officers including the name and address of the Secretary must follow. NCA Board Members and AKC Delegate may also be listed. Obtain the list from the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator. Eligibility requirements for non-regular classes must be described. The names of the judges may be included. 
The AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows stipulate that only licensed or member dog clubs can hold specialty shows. NCA's regional clubs are not recognized by AKC, and accordingly, names, logos, and listings of board members of a regional club are not to be included in the premium list or catalog copy. Regional clubs or individuals can be named as trophy donors in the Prize List. 
The premium list information must be proofread by the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator prior to submission. Forward your copy to the Specialty Coordinator two weeks prior to the deadline. Advise the Superintendent or All-Breed Show Chair to contact the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator for final proof reading before printing and mailing. 


You will, of course, be using the all-breed club's catalog. Obtain advertising space and make certain advertising deadlines and rates are included in your regional flyer. The all-breed club may give you a break on price, and you can either pass that on to the advertisers or keep the amount to use as expense money. The information from the premium list will be included in the catalog. If the NCA Board has changed since the premium list deadline, the up-to-date list should be forwarded to the Show Chair. Regional clubs may place an ad listing the event committee, welcoming exhibitors, thanking donors, or advertising up-coming club events however, it is only the Newfoundland Club of America that can be listed as hosting the regional.


Choose a motel/hotel as near to the show site as possible. Be certain to take into account the location of a show the day before or the day after. Set aside a block of rooms, set a price, and be certain all of this goes out in the pre-show regional flyer. It's nice to arrange a banquet the night before or after the specialty. 
Beware of Sunday banquets. Most people will want to leave for home immediately after judging. If the specialty is on a Sunday, have the banquet the night before. If it is possible, have a fundraising function at the banquet to help finance the show and/or have an educational program. 
If budget allows, offer a continental breakfast or coffee ringside in the morning. Arrange some sort of lunch the day of the specialty or have it served ringside. If special arrangements have been made between a hotel and the regional club for this event the hospitality Chair should arrange to be at the motel during check-in time in case of any problems. 


Almost all these responsibilities will be taken care of by the all-breed club. Be certain to ask for a large ring with adequate grooming and spectator facilities. If the show is to be outside, try to get a separate ring with separate parking. Your club may have to provide personnel to assist with parking in this separate area. 


Publicity should inform prospective attendees of your event, ensure your regional is properly covered on the day of the show and then accurately reported with post show articles. 


  • Advertise your regional in NewfTide. 

  • Send information packets to all regional clubs within a reasonable distance of the show. 

  • Check with the hospitality and trophy Chairs for material to include in the mailings.

  • Prepare a flyer for your membership. 

  • Determine who will write the post show article. Contact the NewfTide editor to verify the deadline for submission of the article and leave contact information for the person submitting the article and show photos. Decide what pictures will be included with the article. Current policy for coverage of regionals allows for two pages when the entry is 30 or less, three pages for entries of 31 or more. If your planned article requires more space, your club will have to purchase the additional pages. 

  • If budget permits, contract with the show photographer for a set of winners photos. 
    Advise the show photographer that a sign will be needed for "A ward of Merit" winners. 

  • Be aware that area TV and local newspapers may be in attendance. Designate a spokesperson for the day of the show (usually the publicity Chair) 

  • Send the all-breed club's publicity Chair a copy of the regional flyer. Request that media inquiries about the regional and Newfoundlands be directed to your designated spokesperson.


  • If there is more than one photographer, try to arrange for only one to take the pictures. 
    Locate him early on the day of the specialty to make certain that he understands what you want done and see if he has any suggestions for your photo area. 

  • The designated spokesperson should be ringside and available to answer media inquiries. 

  • Assign one person to provide a correctly marked catalog. This catalog must agree with the superintendent's, and must include entry corrections, move-ups, and placements. 

If a set of pictures is being purchased, ask the winners (Best of Breed through 1 st place in each class, Award of Merit, Best & BOS in Sweeps & Veteran Sweeps, Highest Scoring in Regular Classes) to be sure to have their picture taken. If the club is not purchasing photos, these winners should receive printed instructions about sending a correctly labeled show photo to the publicity Chair by the deadline for the Newf Tide article. Winners should have the option to substitute a show photo in place of the photo taken at the Regional. (See sample letters in Appendix) 


The publicity Chair should get copies of newspaper coverage of the regional or TV spots. Complete your article and give it a title. Try to include judge's comments and highlight the show. Be certain that the photographer sends you a complete set of photos of the winners. Once you have the pictures, label them with the dog's name and class won. Note that the information should be on a label in permanent ink. Do not write on the picture or use markers that will smear and transfer onto other pictures. Winners should have up to the deadline stipulated to furnish a substitute show photo. (See Checklist for Regional Articles in Appendix) 
After the photo deadline prepare the package for the NewfTide editor including: 

  • A hard copy of your article and list of the winners. 

  • A CD or disk containing your article, the list of winners, and the set of captions for photos. 

  • All of the pictures with labels on the back. 

  • A marked catalog or photocopies of all necessary pages from a marked catalog (i.e. Breed, Sweeps, Junior Showmanship and Obedience). 

  • Include a check for any additional pages being purchased and postage for the return of the above material.


The NCA gives each club hosting a regional specialty a trophy to be awarded to the Best of Breed winner and High in Trial winner (or Highest Scoring Newfoundland in Regular Classes). Contact the NCA Uniform Trophy Chair to order these and provide the show date and shipping address of the regional trophy Chair. The NCA also offers a uniform trophy for Award of Merit winners at regional specialties. They should be included in the order to the NCA Uniform Trophy Chair. The regional trophy Chair should solicit donations from club members in time for inclusion in the premium list. Include a flyer requesting donations and trophy pledges in each publicity packet. Cash donations to the trophy fund can be acknowledged in an ad in the show catalog. 
Trophies will be the major expense of the specialty. Order wisely. You must cover each class, whether you wish to cover all four placements is up to you: the NCA recommends you do. Extra trophies can be used at supported entries after the regional. Work with the trophy Chair of the all-breed club and forward an order for any rosettes your club is purchasing. Be sure to include Award of Merit winners in the ribbon/rosette order. Superintendents do not automatically supply these. Arrange to have the trophies on a table ringside (for Breed and Obedience). The NCA tablecloth can be obtained from the NCA Specialty Properties Chairman. 


Awards of Merit shall be offered at regional specialties based on the number of dogs competing for Best of Breed. This award has a title distinct from the designation "Select" which should be reserved for use at National Specialties only. All such special recognition awards will be presented at the judge's discretion, irrespective of the sex of the dogs entered. 

Such awards will be distributed based upon the following formula: 

Number of Dogs Competing in Best of Breed  Number of Awards 
7 -10  up to 1
11-16  up to 2 
17-23  up to 3 
24-30  up to 4 
31-36  up to 5 
37 or more  up to 6


Recipients of the "Award of Merit" at all Regionals are now entitled to points that can then be applied and accumulated towards "Top Winners" for that year. To ensure proper tabulation of these points, which are never published in the AKC Gazette, it is essential that accurate lists of the "Awards of Merit" be furnished. The Chair of the regional specialty is responsible for completing the Regional Specialty Worksheet and Report form and mailing it with a marked catalog to the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator within two weeks of the show. The form for this is included in the appendix. 

The AKC Show/Trial Manual stipulates on the day of the show, the Chair must be available at least two hours before judging begins and until the event end. It advises that the Chair should walk the area to be certain everything is in order. A regional specialty Chair should be on site before the start of the show to oversee that: 

  • Grounds personnel are at their stations 

  • Judges Hospitality is provided (breakfast, transportation, lunch tickets) 

  • Trophy table (Breed & Obedience) is set up and organized (Trophy cards, NCA tablecloth, etc.) 

  • Stewards have checked in and rosettes and/or ribbons are at ring 

  • Catalogs are purchased and marked for club historian, club show files, NCA Historian, & 

  • NCA Specialty Show Coordinator 

  • Checks are available to pay judges, caterers, etc. 

  • Hospitality set up is in place (morning coffee, delivery of ringside lunches) 

  • Photo set up is complete, instructions for winners are on hand, the club's photo order is placed with the photographer 

  • The Chair should be available throughout the day. 





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