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Regional Specialy Show Guide - part 3


This is a mini-National. It is held on a much smaller scale, but clubs should follow every chapter in this Guide. The regional specialty Chair should have knowledge of The AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows and Obedience Regulations. The club should have on hand the AKC Show/Trial Manual. The paperwork that must be submitted to the AKC is identical to that of the National. The NCA Specialty Show Coordinator should be contacted well in advance of the application deadline to verify with AKC that there are no conflicts with all-breed shows within 200 miles of the regional. 
NCA recommends that a show superintendent be engaged. Clubs choosing to self-superintend or contracting with a superintendent to handle only the printing and mailing of all official documents for the show will have to designate a show secretary. The secretary will not be able to exhibit at the show and has the full responsibility for handling all entries, of enforcing AKC rules on the day of the show, and preparing records for the AKC. 
Since the entry probably will not exceed 200 dogs, only one conformation judge is needed. The NCA prefers obedience classes to be offered. However, if indoors and if space does not allow, a regional may be approved without it. A rally obedience trial may be held in addition to obedience. Judges need not get NCA approval, but it is preferred to use a judge from the current NCA Approved Judges List. Sweepstakes are optional but encouraged. "Special Attractions" must be detailed on the NCA Regional Application. (See AKC Show/Trial Manual Chapter 7-9) If a new site is being used a site plan must accompany the date application to AKC. The Emergency and Disaster Plan must be included with the NCA Regional Application. 
The regional specialty Chair must compile all material for the premium list following AKC rules (refer to Chapter 8 Section 2 of the AKC Show/Trial Manual)
and it must be proof read by the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator prior to submission to the superintendent. Send all material to the Specialty Coordinator at least two weeks before your deadline. Instruct the superintendent to contact the Specialty Coordinator for final proof reading before printing and mailing. AKC deadlines must be followed. 
AKC-approved Special Attractions can be listed. The Bred by Exhibitor (BBE) Class eligibility revision of 9/02 should be included and eligibility requirements for non-regular classes described.
The name, logo or board of directors of the regional club cannot be included with the premium list copy. The premium list cannot contain any statement to "make checks payable to (your regional club's name)." 




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