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Regional Specialy Show Guide - part 4


Any recognized regional club may host a supported entry without the approval of the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator. Regional clubs with applications pending for recognition may use the NCA name for supporting entries with permission from the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator and the NCA President. 
Since you will probably be doubling the entry, it is not unusual to ask for your choice of judge from the panel. Judges selection often is made almost one year prior to the show. Forward your club's current preferred judges list to the show Chair in time for consideration in the panel selection process. 
With the approval of the show Chair, sweepstakes can be offered with a supported entry. The regional club should expect to pay any expenses submitted by the sweepstakes judge as it is usually considered as a voluntary assignment. These expenses should be negotiated between the regional club and judge prior to the judge accepting the assignment. The
NCA Sweepstakes Form must be submitted to the NCA Specialty Show Coordinator six months prior to the event closing date. Review the Sweepstakes section of this Guide when completing the form. 
A copy of the sweepstakes judge's acceptance letter should be forwarded to the show Chair. Verify with the show Chair whether the all-breed club judges hospitality will be extended to the sweepstakes judge and budget accordingly. 
The wording to be used in the premium list and catalog is:
"The Newfoundland Club of America, Inc., will support the entry of Newfoundlands at this show." This copy should be included in cover letters accompanying the trophy list and premium list information. Mention can be made that the trophies are donated by your regional club or by individual donors. Make special note of trophies offered for divided Open classes or divided Puppy classes. If Sweepstakes is included, list the classes offered and a reminder to designate it as Sweepstakes rather than Puppy Sweepstakes when Junior dogs are included. Clarify Veteran Sweepstakes if trophies are offered for Best Veteran Dog in Sweepstakes and Best Veteran Bitch in Sweepstakes rather than Best in Sweepstakes and Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes. 
Request a table ringside for the trophies if many are being offered. The regional club is responsible for setting up the trophy table prior to Breed judging. If a table is not available ringside, the trophies should be delivered to the show trophy Chair. Trophies should be clearly labeled. Confirm that the stewards in the Breed ring have a signature card for each trophy being offered. Obedience trophies should be clearly labeled and delivered to the Obedience trophy table. Collect any trophies not awarded prior to the close of the show. 




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