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Download the full pdf of the Draft Equipment Guide

Newfoundland Club of America Draft Equipment Guide - Approved 2001



Draftwork involves teamwork between a dog and its handler. In this partnership the handler is responsible for choosing appropriate equipment for the dog to use to haul a load. A handler should not expect the dog to pull with an inappropriate harness or an apparatus that causes the dog to work harder than necessary to get the job done.

In a draft test, the regulations allow for an apparatus to be failed if it is not appropriate for the course. Before choosing to enter a test, it is the handler's responsibility to read the course description detailed in the premium list. The decision to enter should then be based on matching the course to be used and the equipment that is available to the handler. The Introduction to the Draft Test Regulations states that since a dog can perform draft work only in cooperation with a person, each handler must demonstrate his or her understanding of draft work as it pertains to the dog's ability, training and equipment. It further states under 'Equipment' that the handler provides the draft equipment including harness, traces, and draft apparatus appropriate for the test site conditions. That information is important and allows a judge to fail equipment if he or she does not feel it is appropriate to the site and other conditions on the day of the test. 

The following brief guidelines should help handlers in making the correct choices of equipment both for tests and for general draftwork. However, these are just guidelines. The WDC encourages handlers to attend seminars, contact experienced handlers or experiment with equipment in safe and controlled situations in order to continue learning more about draft equipment. 

Table of Contents

Draft Apparatus



Understanding Equipment



Cross-Chest or Parade

Equipment Illustrations

Siwash Harness with Spreader Bar and Single Attachment
Siwash Harness with Two Traces and Double Attachment
Parade Harness

Equipment Checklist

Equipment Guide artwork provided by Consie Powell




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