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Canine Freestyle

What is Freestyle?

Canine Musical Freestyle is a creative blend of traditional obedience, tricks, and ‘dance’ movements which are choreographed and performed to music.  Teamwork between dog and handler is essential.  Freestyle routines are designed to emphasize a dog’s intelligence, physical skills, beauty, and fun-loving spirit. kick

Canine Musical Freestyle is a new and rapidly growing sport.  It had it’s beginnings in Canada and England in the 1990s and quickly spread to the U.S.A.  Involvement in freestyle can mean participation in live or videotape competitions, participation in fundraisers and public education events, a demonstration at local schools and nursing homes, or just a fun way to keep your dog physically and mentally active.


Introduction to Canine Freestyle training

For more information about Canine Musical Freestyle contact your local training center or visit these websites:

wcfo logo

musical dog sportscff


Watch Canine Musical Freestyle Videos featuring Newfoundland Dogs

gus2 gus1

2003 Mystic Seaport, CT, Gus performs to
“Rescue Me”, his signature routine

Gus showing style and speed while weaving




gus4Ebunyzar’s Gustav Mauler CD, WRD,
Delta Pet Partner, FD(6)



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