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Madison Joins the Counseling Staff

by Carolyn Mingo, reprinted from 1Q 2003 Newf Tide


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my best counseling partner would have four legs, a mass of black hair, drool like a fountain, and have a heart that held a special place for every individual in the elementary school where we both worked! His name is Madison and he has more natural counseling skills that a great many of his human counterparts.

We had an emotionally handicapped child who could not adjust to change. The only things she seemed the least bit curious about were the pictures of Madison and his siblings on their "Mom's" desk. Her two hour fits of anger were eliminated by this gentle giant. She would stare for a few moments, then move a little closer- and Madison would work his magic! Within a few days this child was the first of the bus, because her friend Madison was waiting for her to walk him to class!

Madison became a permanent fixture at our school. His picture was in the faculty portion of the children's yearbook. I am blessed with so many wonderful memories. Madison quietly licking away the tears of a tiny boy whose father had beaten his mother the night before; a party held in Madison's honor with some mentally challenged children who fed him enough cake to sink the Titanic; and of teachers and children alike who were having tough days and would just sit and pet Madison.






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