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Newfoundland Water Rescue - Water Dog & Water Rescue Dog Regulations -

All regulations are now available in a single downloadable PDF

Please click her to download the current regulations

The WDC and NCA Board approved the final revisions to the WRDX test in February 2012.

The WRDX regulations are now part of the regular water test regulations. Due to adding WRDX into the regulations the WDC had to make some changes and updates to the general water test regulations. Also, the NCA Board had recently directed the WDC to update and clarify some sections of the water test regulations. Therefore, since so many changes had to be made to the general water test regulations all of the changes, updates and clarifications to WRDX and the general water test regulations have been left in red so that the changes are more obvious. They will remain in red for one year.

The WDC thanks the membership for their input and patience on this long project and hopes that they  will be pleased with the changes and updates that have been made to clarify the water tests.







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