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Judges Corner - Informaton and Updates for Judges


Emeritus Judges

We would like to honor the following people for giving so much of their
time and expertise serving as judges for the NCA in the past. They are no
longer accepting assignments.

Judi Adler- Oregon

Sam Butler- Pennsylvania

Barbara Hearn- Illinois

Barbara Jeness- Michigan

Carol Winnert- Texas

Dawn Hockman- Pennsylvania
Mike Lovett - Michigan
Sandee Lovett - Michigan
Betty McDonnell - New Jersey
Tom Brandt - Illinois



NCA Water Test Judges-updated January 11, 2020




flag - flagged, judge cannot accept assignments at this time


mail - click to email the judge


wrdx - Approved to judge WRDX level tests

  Judging Qualifications


Mentor Judges


Brown, Cherrie




Castonguay, Denise

British Columbia



Echon-Butler, Joyce


mail wrdx
  Edds, Benita Tennessee mail wrdx
  Frey, Roger New York mail wrdx
  Gallagher, Kevin California mail wrdx
  Gallagher, Laura California mail wrdx
  Gorsuch, Dwight Maryland mail wrdx

Horn, Ron


mail wrdx

Jackman, John


mail wrdx
  Karger, Bethany Pennsylvania mail wrdx
  Kursner, Cindi Michigan mail wrdx
  Lapeyre, Andre Minnesota mail wrdx

Littleford, Lori


mail wrdx
  Lott, Jenni Washington mail wrdx
  Mallinson, Keith Connecticut mail wrdx

Marino, Sue


mail wrdx

McKee, Nancy


mail wrdx
  Paz, Annalyn Texas mail wrdx
  Pearson, John California mail wrdx
  Rizzuto, Maria Colorado mail wrdx

Rogers, Bob


mail wrdx
  Rothwell, Deborah California mail wrdx
  Saunders, Pam Oregon mail wrdx
  Spackman, Mary Jane Pennsylvania mail wrdx
  Warrick, Lanelle Washington mail wrdx
  Zientara, Susan Illinois mail wrdx



Partner Judges

  Cobban, Matt Missouri mail wrdx
  Cook, Karrie California mail wrdx
  Coulam-Kinney, Lawren Michigan mail wrdx
  Dunn, Lynda Michigan mail wrdx
  Gunn, Joan Illinois mail wrdx
  Iken, Cassie Illinois mail wrdx
  Iken, Mark Illinois mail wrdx
  Perry, Cara Texas mail wrdx
  Thibault, Donna Connecticut mail wrdx
  Zimmer, Erin California mail wrdx

Provisional Judges

  Chang, Kikuko Massachusetts mail  
  Forrest, Heidi California mail  
  Mendleson, Susan Maine mail  
  Raney, Sue Colorado mail  
  Sayre, Cathy California mail  
  Schultze, Kymythy Washington mail  




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